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Herdri(AT) by FangTheDemon Herdri(AT) :iconfangthedemon:FangTheDemon 6 0 Vernid Egg 5 - Revealed by KingConniption Vernid Egg 5 - Revealed :iconkingconniption:KingConniption 4 0 ABC Expression Meme by KibaPB ABC Expression Meme :iconkibapb:KibaPB 3 6 .:CE:.Fighting Fire with Fire by SEGAmastergirl .:CE:.Fighting Fire with Fire :iconsegamastergirl:SEGAmastergirl 148 13 Vernid Egg Adopts- CLOSED by KingConniption Vernid Egg Adopts- CLOSED :iconkingconniption:KingConniption 17 28 Delilah Holding Lesbian Flag by Ch3ckr3d Delilah Holding Lesbian Flag :iconch3ckr3d:Ch3ckr3d 3 8 A Stroll - Commission by probablyfakeblonde A Stroll - Commission :iconprobablyfakeblonde:probablyfakeblonde 366 5 Hawk Ref by Velkss Hawk Ref :iconvelkss:Velkss 419 22 Greater Horrors: Fear of Oceans for Tzarksra by SomeSunnyBunny Greater Horrors: Fear of Oceans for Tzarksra :iconsomesunnybunny:SomeSunnyBunny 3 0 Alfer - style exploration by Energony Alfer - style exploration :iconenergony:Energony 14 3 Handsome Squidward Dance by AddMedia Handsome Squidward Dance :iconaddmedia:AddMedia 639 117 Midnight by Toru-Kaze Midnight :icontoru-kaze:Toru-Kaze 16 3 Spyro Shadow Legacy - The Sorcerer's Apprentice by WandererTamplior Spyro Shadow Legacy - The Sorcerer's Apprentice :iconwanderertamplior:WandererTamplior 60 4 Space Rat by Sinrar Space Rat :iconsinrar:Sinrar 32 3


The overall piece is pretty good. The anatomy is a bit off with the leg and hand proportions. The eyepatch looks a tad out of place wit...

I think overall this piece is very nice and is very good. The shoulder lengths seem to be a bit short for an anthropomorphic character ...


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First off, pay for stuff here (adopts, CS stuff, auctions, commissions, etc..). Second, I'm saving up for Core Membership. Third, Idk.

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Headshots Traditional (not colored, background-less)
These will be shaded pencil headshots of any animals. Either commish me through here or note and donate.
Sketches (traditional shaded)
These are small things that can be done using any types of paper, shading is a given (these are older examples). It will be background-less. I would prefer if you were to note me first and donate to my donation pool instead, but whatever floats your boat. I mainly do canines but I can do other animals has well. It's going to be very simplistic.
Traditional headshots (shaded +colored)
Just traditional headshots colored. Either commish or donate.
Fullbody Background-less (colored traditional) Including Customs
These are traditional drawings fullbody for anything really. Either commish here or note and donate.
Digital Headshots
I can do any animal with any shapes. Either commish or note and donate.
Animated Icons
Animated icons that I do, any types really. They take patience and awhile. Either commish here or donate.
Half-Body Traditional (color + shaded)
I can do any animal. Either commish or note and donate.
Half-Body Digital
Any animal, just name it. Either commish here or note and donate.
Full body and background (traditional, colorless)
These are more expensive because they take more time to make. The backgrounds are tedious to do and take a lot of time. I can either do pencils or ink, just tell me what to do. Once again I can do any animal. And yeah... note me and donate if you want to do that instead.
Full Taditional (backgrounds +coloring)
These are full blown finished. The coloring is less of an issue so the price isn't that much higher. But dang do they look good! Either do this commission way or note me and donate. Whatever you want.


Maystrine's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Art Trade Stamp by Maystrine Custom Stamp by Maystrine

If you're trying to contact me with commissions with a link I probably won't receive it because links don't go with requests and I won't get the request at all. Please note me for commissions and a link~

The official facebook page (I'm testing the waters with this so bear with me)

(Some of this art is from other people, credit goes to them)
Kide FullBody by Maystrine Squbbledonithicus Erican by Maystrine Herdri(AT) by FangTheDemon

I don't really know what to say :P but i've practiced my anatomy since i was a small child and idk you can just talk too me if you want. If you have anything to talk about i'm all ears. Also i tend to get off topic a lot...

Ok I'm a very ambitious artist. I like to draw things to try to wow people. I do like attention (one of the reasons I'm on da lol). But sometimes I do not know what I could do better and how to do better. I'm not very gullible either and I like to freely speak my own opinion. I like to have my art validated and praised (who doesn't?) I'm my own worst enemy/critic. Also I make bad jokes sometimes... And I don't really get memes.

I'd hate to say it, but I'm a very envious person. But with said envy I use it to make myself better (or worse) and push forward to get better at art. I'm trying to still get over the fact that there will be always be someone better than me at art, but it's okay.

One of my favorite things to do is draw for others. I like to do this because it gives me a drive to improve and make it look dazzling and surprise everyone. These pieces are usually some of my best quality.

I use a touch screen computer with the drawing app Gimp.

Also I'm 16 right now.

(MOBz1LLA in January 2018, remember)

I have many ideas for comics and stories but i need to develop them.

People I'm inspired by:





Macbethmation by Maystrine
So now I'll be doing this competition (or shouting it out) - by Akatix to win a fox fan (which is a species I don't have one of them yet and I really like the design). I hope it's not to late to join.


Tanis (AT)
So here's my part of an art trade with FangTheDemon, all the goop dripping was a challenge but fun to do. I personally enjoyed drawing him. I'm now sick apparently with a fever and sore throat. Sigh, it has not even been a month since I last got sick..

Here's her part of the trade -

Tanis belongs too FangTheDemon
The artwork belongs to Maystrine
Snakes Offer to Adopt (2/2 Open)
I made some Sneks, I love them. Offer anything really. I will send individual versions via note after being bought.

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Blind Prophet: He is blind (oh really?!), he has eye-like markings all over his beautiful body there. He controls a yellow fire (at least it's not yellow water :P). He smells and feels stuff instead of using eyes. He'll be harder to claim because I'm considering keeping him.

To Absolute buyout him you need:
AB1: 500 da points (or really good art), with this you get a headshot digital painting.
AB2: 750 da poins, you get a halfbody digital painting too.
AB3: 1000 (let me dream) da points, you get a full body painting AND a bust of one of your own characters.

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Muscle Woman: She's incredibly strong and fights a lot. She has multiple scars to show. She controls water.

To absolute buyout her you need:
AB1: 300 da points (or with good art), you get a headshot digital painting.
AB2: 600 da points (or really good art), and you get a halfbody digital painting.
AB3: 800 da points, you will get a fullbody digital painting.

You can change anything after buying, credit me for the design when first drawn.

The painting style I'll be using -

Now I'm sick apparently because my throat feels dry no matter how much I drink.
Custom Stamp
Here's the other one - ones for commissions, collabs, and requests will arrive soon.

I thought it would be clever to put my hoteic species poster child, Kide, for the customs (including the species customs). I own the fusia and hoteic species atm (more to be developed soon).

I also had to redo this because I forgot Kide's whiskers 0-0
Art Trade Stamp
So this is kind of a test, I wanted to make a stamp so here we are. I'll be doing more of these for my page but these are most specifically for me (since no one else has the rights of my characters :P) or close friends.

I plan on making a collab, custom, commission, and request one. If you like these and want one for yourself, I may make one if you would probably have to pay me (like 100-200 points?).

And yes, art trades are open. But talk to me first via note so we can discuss it.



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FangTheDemon Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well hello I was wondering if you would like to do an AT,contact me via note if you want. ^^
Maystrine Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Alright - I'll note you.
DragonChaser123 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Love your work, keep it up! <3
Maystrine Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you! And thank you for the watch too!
DragonChaser123 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
No problemo, jello!
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OMG Your artwork is awesome!!!!! :iconomgsocuteplz: Keep up the amazing job. :D
Maystrine Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you so much!
LysitheaWO Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry to bother you but I'd like to know, do you take requests ?
Thanks <3
Maystrine Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Student General Artist
yes, yes i do, I take requests/commissions (not aware if there's a difference), art trades, etc
LysitheaWO Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Perhaps you could draw this girl then ?
Leitha ( Umbra ) by LysitheaWO
Thanks <3
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